University with a 100-Year History

We create a piece of art even from sticky notes

Graphic designers of NUACA do not limit their minds by standards and always look for something new and creative. Thus, after searching for alternatives for a long time, they created an attractive and unique project. If you go up to the University’s 4th floor, you will see Mother Armenia monument but not the one created by architect, Rafayel Israyelyan and sculptor, Ara Harutyunyan. This version is created by the lecturer of Faculty of design, Taron Aleksanyan and seniors of graphic design, Astine Sargsyan, Christina Movsisyan, and Luiza Nersisyan. 

Students tried to reproduce the famous monument through pixel resolution using sticky note papers. Taron Aleksanyan believes that this kind of projects not only enhance students’ mind but fill student’s daily routine with art and make it more interesting.  

This is the first, but not the last example of Mother Armenia monument through pixels. They have many beautiful and amazing ideas. T. Aleksanyan notes that the project will continue and works of famous artists are already in process. Obviously, an exhibition will be organized in case of having high-quality, interesting, colorful, and meaningful works. 


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