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University with a 100-Year History


  • Coordination, organization and summarization of activities carried out at the university aimed at the issues for finding a job by NUACA students and graduates,
  • Development and implementation of university marketing strategy; planning, pricing, consumption and information-promotional complex events for products and services realized in education market,
  • Activities aimed at creating some work experience in parallel with the learning of NUACA students,
  • Summary information, studies and analysis on development trends of local and international labor market,
  • For raising the quality of education and provided services to develop proposals together with other units of the University,
  • Various studies on career development expectations among NUACA students and graduates, current situation of competitiveness in labor market and a number of other issues,
  • Analysis on the quality of services, price/quality ratio and supply and demand of educational services,
  • Various consultations, trainings, workshops and other events on finding a job for NUACA students and graduates and other issues, spreading of relevant information, establishment of ongoing communication and cooperation between graduates and University,
  • Study of advanced international systems and experience aimed at promoting the educational products and services provided by the University in education market,
  • To create a demand for education and services provided by the University.