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About us

Mer Masin 1Student Education and Career Center (SECC) of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA) was established in December 2012 according to the decision of NUACA Scientific Council. Its main purpose is to develop and implement a mechanism that will allow NUACA graduates to find employment opportunities in the most efficient manner. The Center is a connecting link between NUACA and Armenian and why not foreign private enterprises.  Now SECC database contains information about more than 3000 students and graduates to more than half of whom information on vacancies is regularly sent via e-mail.


Mer Masin 2SECC individually works with each student or graduate who visits the Center. Each opportunity to directly work with the existing or potential beneficiaries is used. In this regard, NUACA leadership attaches importance to educational exhibitions and job fairs as a means of student staff recruitment. SECC will participate in all educational exhibitions organized in the republic.



Since its foundation NUACA SECC provides the following services:

  • Identification and classification of job opportunities in construction, architecture and other fields,
  • relations and cooperation with local and international organizations,
  • individual consultancy,
  • organization of job fairs,
  • organization of seminars on “How to draft a Resume and Cover Letter”, “The Art of Interview”, “Labor Code”, “Development of Leadership skills” and on other topics,
  • notification on job vacancies via e-mail and posters,
  • creating contacts between employer and graduates and coordinating interviews,
  • Encouraging and strengthening relations between the graduates,
  • introduction of job search techniques,

The Center is a connecting link between NUACA and the employers, unions and associations of Armenian private enterprises, law enforcement, construction, architecture and other fields.