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University with a 100-Year History





1. General Provisions

1.1. NUACA Student Education and Career Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is an independent structural unit the main objective of which is to contribute to solution of quality improvement issues faced by the University, development of competitiveness of NUACA students and graduates in labor market, strengthening of ongoing communication and development of cooperation between the graduates and University.

1.2. The Center acts in accordance with RA Legislation based on NUACA Charter and the present Regulation.

1.3. In accordance with the established procedure the Center cooperates with other NUACA structural units, as well as various organizations out of university (including non-governmental, international, commercial, etc.) for solving the issues stated in this Regulation and increasing the efficiency of the performed activities.

1.4. The Center may have a letterhead (blank) with NUACA logo.

1.5. The activities of the Center are financed by NUACA funds, grants, as well as other sources not prohibited by RA Legislation.

1.6. Changes and amendments made to this Regulation, as well as restructuring and liquidation of the Center are presented by NUACA Rector by decision of NUACA Rector’s Council.

2. Issues and Functions

2.1. The issues of the Center are:

2.1.1. To organize, coordinate and summarize the activities carried out at the university aimed at the issues for finding a job by NUACA students and graduates,

2.1.2. Modernization and continuous improvement of university educational programs through studying the graduates.

2.1.3. To ensure effective communication between the University students, graduates and potential employers.

2.2. The functions of the Center are:

2.2.1. To organize seminars, round tables, conferences, symposiums, target and additional preparation and training courses, consultation and other events related to current labor market demands and job search technologies and skills, professional orientation and other issues, cooperation with the organizations implementing appropriate trainings and other programs.

2.2.2. Development and publication of useful literature on employment for the students.

2.2.3. To negotiate the format, possible conditions, duration, etc. of practical training with the employer, to implement the above mentioned together with the chairs.

2.2.4. To organize the practical training of NUACA students by mutual agreement of the University and the employer.

2.2.5. To establish relations with employment services and agencies and to ensure the dissemination and spreading of information on employment.

2.2.6. Based on a proposal of the employers to negotiate and present the faculties the package of proposed changes, as well as to jointly prepare the personnel training package, if necessary.

2.2.7. Development of proposals, programs and implementation of relevant activities on other modern methods and means of practical training, volunteer work, training and gaining experience.

2.2.8. Design and management of relevant database, electronic groups and other internet resources in collaboration with “Media and Printing” center with application of modern information technologies.

2.2.9. To sign agreements and memorandums with potential employers, various organizations and to ensure their implementation.

2.2.10. Regular review of demands considered as priority by state, private, international and other employment organizations and their developments trends.

2.2.11. Regular review of labor market development perspectives, demands for universities in labor market, modern professions and other employment-related issues.

2.2.12. Cooperation with state and private organizations dealing with employments issues in state and private sector, as well as with different founders, international donor agencies, non-governmental and other organizations.

2.2.13. To establish relations with different employers and represent the features of their demands at the University.

2.2.14. To organize various information events with participation of the employers.

2.2.15. To disseminate the information on employment and other programs of the employers at the university, particularly among students.

2.2.16. To organize different exhibitions (in particular “Job Fair”, “Career Day”, etc.), meetings with the employers, presentations of organizations, excursions of enterprises, mutual visits and other events.

2.2.17. To conduct events in collaboration with “Alumni Association” NGO with involvement of students and graduates.

2.2.18. To develop, form and continuously update the information systems of students and graduates.

2.2.19. Cooperation and exchange of experience with NUACA “Alumni Association”, similar units of Armenian and other foreign universities, as well as performing other functions arising from NUACA Charter and this Regulation.    

2.2.20. To organize meetings and round tables with graduates and students, alumni tribute evenings, alumni gatherings, to implement target programs with the support and donations of graduates.

3. Structure and Management

3.1. The activities of the Center are coordinated by NUACA Rector.

3.2. The Center is managed by the Center Manager who is appointed and dismissed by NUACA Rector. The Center staff list is determined by NUACA Rector.

3.3. The Center Manager:

3.3.1. Organizes, plans, coordinates, manages and supervises the current activities of the Center, according to NUACA Charter, participates in the activities of Rector’s Council, delivers relevant reports, speeches and programs in NUACA Rector’s Council and Scientific Council.

3.3.2. Provides the implementation of the Center’s main functions, solves the problems arising from it, gives relevant instructions and tasks to the employees and ensures the relationships between the Center and other units.

3.3.3. Signs the documents prepared on behalf of the Center, makes notes and prepares reports, statements, references, proposals and other documents within the powers of the Center.

3.3.4. May convene meetings related to solving the issues faced by the Center, if necessary. Represents NUACA Rector a relevant report and proposals on the works carried out by relevant NUACA units associated with the activities of the Center.

3.3.5. Represents NUACA Rector proposals on encouraging the employees of the Center, disciplinary sanctions, certification and training in accordance with the established procedure.

3.3.6. During his absence represents the YSUAC Rector the replacing specialist for appointing as an acting manager.

3.3.7. Represents the Center in foreign relations, meets the representatives of different companies for organizing the activities of the Center, prepares and signs documents related to relevant cooperation regularly informing about them and in coordination with NUACA Rector.

3.3.8. Organizes and controls the documentation of the Center, as well as performs other works related to solving the issues of the Center.

3.3.9. Bears responsible for the quality of works carried out by the Center and for proper and effective solution of the Center issues.