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Message to student

Promote your career launch in an exact direction. 

Xosq usanoxin 1Dear students and graduates,  NUACA Students’ Upbringing and Career Center welcomes you on this page. We will help you to find answers for career planning and further development concerns. We will support you in drafting your CVs and cover letters, inform about vacancies and provide hints for successful job search and interviews.
Your steps to success Know thyself, reveal your achievements, values, goals, vices and virtues. Reveal the skills which are important for employers. Use Career Center resources and get advice for the development of your career path.
Improve your communication skills. Never lose your opportunities of gaining experience by writing reports and articles. Improve your public speaking skills by participating in various student-driven events.

Xosq usanoxin 2Improve your management and teamwork competencies by your membership in professional and student organizations, be proactive in extracurricular and volunteer activities. Build your professional network, create ties with the specialists in your field, former students and future employers and preserve that information.
Attend job fairs and present yourself to potential employers, gather business cards, leaflets, pamphlets, handbooks of organizations and use this opportunity of creating new ties.Gain work experience before graduating from the university by emphasizing practices, part-time summer jobs.
Prepare for job search, prepare your resume, review it per a term and each time while applying for a job. Ask for references, they will definitely be needed. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

Students’ Upbringing and Career Center