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The main functions of the Center activities

GortsaruytOne of the primary goals of Student Education and Career Center is to keep ongoing communication with students and graduates. For this purpose, NUACA Student Education and Career Center group and official page was created in Facebook social network where job offers, educational and volunteer programs, workshops, etc. are regularly posted.

The main functions of the Center activities are the following:

  • Organization of workshops-seminars and providing consultancy on writing CV, being presentable to the employer and on other issues related to the current labor market
  • Internship programs (practice)
  • Meetings with the employers
  • Summary information, studies and analysis on development trends of local and international labor market
  • Implementation of volunteer programs
  • Creation of an electronic data base of graduates
  • Partnership with organizations of public and private sector
  • Notification to graduates on vacancies and other opportunities
  • Career development events, round-table discussions

The Center’s mission is to ensure university rating in education market as a competitive university preparing narrow specialists.

The university lays the foundation for the student’s career