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The new Tekla project will be available for our students

Today, the representatives of Trimble which is a well-known company in the sphere of innovative technologies have arrived at NUACA, headed by Business Development Manager in CIS and Eastern Europe, Yuri Sakovich.

During the meeting with the University’s management staff, the representatives noted that the continuous cooperation with us is welcomed. Besides, they considered encouraging the fact that the equipment of Trimble is being successfully exploited in both design and academic affairs. 

The purpose of the company representatives’ visit is to set up the new Tekla project in curriculum of our University which provides BIM projects (Building Information Modeling). As today, the progress and achievement perspective of any field is depended on the IT utilization level.  Therefor the investing of the above mentioned project is priceless, especially for design and modeling works of students. Both parties set a preliminary agreement of providing Tekla Structures educational configuration, master classes for scholars and students, free online courses and presentation of latest equipment of Tekla.

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