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The missive of NUACA rector Gagik Galstyan on the international student day

Dear students,

I extend my sincere congratulations on International Student Day.

Being a student is a great honor and heavy responsibility at the same time; as each student realizes that students themselves are the future guardians and creators of our homeland and the trustworthy substitutes of our deeds.

There are no good or bad specializations, there are skilled and dedicated to their jobs specialists.  I am confident, that each student of our University realizes the relevance and value of the chosen profession as well as the mission of upgrading our homeland with novel and beautiful values. Only the educated and skillful society can step parallel to time demand. Therefore, create your and our future starting from today devoting each your second to learn something new, useful and truthful.

Once again I congratulate you sincerely and may your further deeds full of youthful vigor be aimed at the creation of eminent ideas and highest values serving to the interest of our country.

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