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Opening of two laboratories in the frames of the tempus desire project

“Tempus project 544091-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-B TEMPUS-JPCR-Development of Embedded System Courses with the Implementation of Innovative Virtual Approaches for the Integration of Research, Education and Production in the Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia” (DesIRE Project) was launched in December 2013 and will end in November 2016 aimed at installed system development in the Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia for research, education and industry integration.

There are 8 HEIs and 1 Scientific Research Institute involved in the project from the three EU member countries (Belgium, Germany and Slovakia) as well as the Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. It is already 25 months that the project exists and various events were organized in the frames of the project such as summer schools in Belgium, Germany and Slovakia, two meetings of coordinators and master classes.

Financed by just this project two labs equipped with tools and devices were opened at NUACA on the 10th of February. The NUACA Rector Gagik Galstyan and Lana Karlova, the coordinator of the National Office of Erasmus+ programme in Armenia, delivered opening remarks. Team coordinators came up with reports about the monitoring results actively participated by the faculty members who had attended the summer schools and master classes organized by the National Office of Erasmus+ programme in Armenia.

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