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A new modern, scientific experimental-ed laboratory base “Construction and Operation of Transport Routes” will be introduced at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, which will contribute to the modernization of fundamental and applied research in the field of construction and operation of transport routes, will enable technical collaboration with construction companies in the fields of expertises of building materials, constructions and constructive solutions.

Within the framework of the program, “Construction and Operation of Transport Routes” graduate academic programme courses will also be digitized through the use of Moodle online platform.

The representatives of RA MoESCS and Center for Education Projects PIU, who visited the University with the purpose of monitoring Competitive Innovation Fund’s current grant program, toured the areas completely renovated and designated for the new laboratory, got acquainted with the modern computer, laboratory devices and equipment. The group members observed the compliance of the obtained equipment with the conditions defined by the contract, discussed a number of issues concerning their use in the academic and research process, as well as, activities envisaged by the program timetable.

Varazdat Hovhannisyan, the supervisor of NUACA grant program, mentioned that science cannot be limited only to theoretical substantiations in auditoriums, thus from now on the new infrastructures will be aimed at implementing activities as a result of which it will be possible to obtain important scientific novelties with further commercial potential.

In addition, at this stage of the program the academic content of “Motor Road Construction” and “Bridges and Transport Tunnels” specialties has already been implemented and is still in the process of being improved. In particular, two manuals and three guidebooks have been developed, and the results of the competition held for choosing individual consultants for the purpose of digitizing “Construction and Operation of Transport Routes” academic programme courses through the use of Moodle online platform have been summarized.

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