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Strategic issues of auf may summit were discussed

On March 14 the meeting-discussion of the representatives of Central and Eastern European Universities’ office members of the Francophone University Agency (AUF)  was held in Moldova. Among the meeting participants were the heads of higher education institutions of Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania. The NUACA Vice-Chancellor on International Relations Vardges Yedoyan was in the Armenian delegation.

The purpose of the current meeting was the discussion of issues related to the upcoming strategic summit of the Francophone University Agency in Marrakesh. It was noted that the summit’s main problems should be carried out in three directions. The first one is about the quality of education, research and management, secondly, entrepreneurship and evaluation of university diplomas’ equivalencies, and thirdly, the reinforcement of the university role in the protection of economy, language, culture and intercultural relations’ development.

During the meeting there was specifically highlighted the importance of support to member educational institutions, the problems related to French language teaching and the reinforcement of dissemination of French language referring to our University as a good role model.

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