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Today, the 19th Congress of the Union of Architects of Armenia took place. The Head of the Union Mkrtich MINASYAN, the President of the RA State Committee for Urban Development Narek SARGSYAN, the Vice-mayor Kamo AREYAN, the President of the Armenian Builders’Union and the Rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia Gagik GALSTYAN, the CEO of the Builders’ Union Gurgen MINASYAN and the members of the Union were present at the Congress. Of the 244 members of the Union, 196 attended the Congress.

Welcoming the participants, the Chairman of the State Committee for Urban Development Narek SARGSYAN described the 19th Congress of the Union as historic in terms that the Union was reorganized into the Chamber of Architects

The approval of its Charter, the reorganization and the election of the President of the Chamber were in the agenda of the Congress.

He noted that in almost all countries, the status of the state-appointed architects is very clear and bold, adding that the institution founded in 1992 and uniting architects could not be simply as a union: “Today, fortunately, we were able to reach the adoption of a law on “Architectural Activity”. Armenia is the first post-Soviet country where the body  unifying the architects has received such a status. The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia unanimously, with 92 votes, adopted the “Law on Architectural Activity” on the 6th of December 2017″, said Narek SARGSYAN. On the basis of this law the Chamber of Architects had to be formed. Today, at the 19th Congress of the Union, the reorganization of the Architects’ Union into a Chamber has been confirmed. “The status of the Chamber is confirmed by the State. It is a serious foundation for the future generations of architects to work in other conditions”, added Narek Sargsyan.

Deputy Mayor Kamo AREYAN assured that the Municipality would go on its cooperation with the Chamber of Architects: “We must reasonably admit the challenges of the new life, and jointly preserve our classical architecture”.

Dr. Gagik GALSTYAN, the Rector of the NUACA and the President of the Builders’ Union of Republic of Armenia addressed a welcome missive to the participants of the Congress. Congratulating on the adoption of the Law on “Architectural Activity”, Rector GALSTYAN was hopeful that the new Chamber of the Architects will contribute to the development of the Armenian architecture and the preservation of its portrait. “Based оn our social and business relationship with the Chamber of the Architects in the field of preparing specialists and addressing the problems of urban development, I am confident that our cooperation will be even closer and much more effective”, – added Mr. GALSTYAN.

It should be noted that the Congress had to elect also the new President of the reorganized Chamber of the Armenian Architects.


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