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NUACA students often succeed in various fields. The victories of Petros Farfaryan, a student of NUACA Secondary Vocational Education College, are remarkable. On April 2, Petros took the first honorable place at the “Grand Prix 2022” International Open Tournament organized by the Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation, defeating all the Armenian and foreign competitor athletes. 

Petros spared no effort and energy to show his best on the sports ring mat, demonstrating fierce and spectacular fights.

Currently coaches Virab Martirosyan and Lala Vardanyan are preparing Petros for the next competition, which will take place on June 4 and 5 in Valencia, Spain.

Gurgen Edgar Gharagyozyan and Ararat Davtyan study in the Physics and Mathematics stream of NUACA High School N3 after Manuk Abeghyan. The gifted young people have already achieved significant success in sports, especially in Martial Arts.

Ararat, a member of Docando Full-Contact Karate Federation of Armenia, recently has been  awarded with a gold medal. And his friend Gurgen is already an honorary member of the Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation. Recently, passing the required exams and participating in 10 fights, he has received a Kyokushin black belt. The black karate belt was the goal he strived to achieve by devoting most of his time and energy to that type of martial arts, and striving to reach perfection. In order to achieve such success, one must not only be physically well-prepared, but also “grow” mentally into the vocation of a master- a teacher. Today Gurgen is not only a good athlete, but also a teacher of Kyokushin in the Karate Federation.

He remembers how at a very early age he was constantly involved in street fights as he was a naughty child and could not stay put. One day he decided to follow his friend’s example and took Kyokushin karate classes. Back then, his main goal was simply to get stronger physically.

“Karate is not a mere hobby for me today, but my life and my passion,” says Gurgen, sharing about his goals and future activities.

We beam with pride to hear our boys’ success stories. The future of our country is in the hands of the youth, like Gurgen, Ararat and Petros, since only thanks to physically and mentally strong, smart young people, our Homeland can become stronger and more powerful.