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To Lori always seems to be traveling by Tumanyan’s call: to know Anush and Saro a little better, to think about Tumanyan quartets. Though these days # Tumanyan150 is scattered all over the world, but this time the goal of going to the cradle of the Armenian poet was different.

The goal of the visit was different, but it was by Tumanyan’s “permission”. A group of architects and designers accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Sargis Tovmasyan, Faculty of Design Taron Alexanyan, Head of Alumna and Career Center Hayk Sargsyan of NUACA take the way to Lori on Saturday morning.

First, talk about the first stop before talking about the destination. It was Tumanyan’s house-museum. Poetry, memoirs, in a word, we moved to the COAF Smart Center of Debet community with anointing by Tumanyan.

Programs offered by COAF Fund for Children are related to education, economic development, including fields such as agriculture, tourism, vocational and professional trainings for youth and adults, sports and fitness, healthcare, child development and media literacy. Programs include clear-cut everyday training related to science, blockbuster, robotics, programming and coding, English language, theater, music and dance, agriculture, art, web design and graphic design, and application development. Themes that will help pupils build a career in technology.

Irina Igitkhanyan, Head of the Center’s Partnerships and Events Organization, organized the acquaintance with COAF. She also took care to get acquainted with the activities and products of the famous “ARDEAN” Company. American-Armenian architect Vazgen Brutyan, the head of the company, was with the University group, who has told about the idea and purpose of creating stylish and unique applied items with the combination of Armenian ornaments and scribes.

With the unique architectural solutions, the kids at COAF Center are satisfied with their wide range of interests since the age of 3. COAF Smart Rooms, located in seven communities in Lori and Tavush regions, provide children not only access to Smart programs, but also serve as shelters for children in border villages which are equipped with special solutions for drinking water, electricity, lighting and ventilation.

As they say, “Our vision is to build even more Smart Centers that will serve all Armenian villages.”

Our university will definitely have its presence in that service. The trilateral acquaintance and cooperation prospects were crated between our University, COAF Smart Center and “ARDEAN” Company. Enjoyed by mutual work and extensive activities, the parties agreed to frequently make mutual visits, conduct master classes and share their experience and knowledge with the new generation.

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