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Launch of the continuous training courses at the nuaca

On June 21-22 of 2017 Lecturers of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA) Ms. A. Martirosyan, Ms. I.Vanyan and Ms. T. Paytyan participated in the workshop titled “Toolkit of accountability and transparency in curricula development and students assessment” that was organized for the universities’ faculties within the program on “Strengthening Integrity and Combatting Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia” funded by European Union and Council of Europe and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RoA. The workshop was devoted to the numerous issues concerned to the curricula development and students assessment.

Taking into account the preconditions for transferring the knowledge gained by the participants  to other staff members of the university, as well as the 2017 work plans of the NUACA’s Education Quality Assurance Center and the Educational Programs and Methodological Department where in accordance with the objective 3.1 of the NUACA 2015-2020 Strategic Program the trainings of the teaching and supportive staff are envisaged to implement,  the faculty training continued course was launched  at the university on July 10, 2017, where the Design Faculty staff representatives took part.

The course participants gained knowledge on topics such as “Quality Definition and Quality Assurance System”, “Formation of Learning Outcomes of Study Programs”, “Modern Approaches and Methods of Teaching and Evaluation”, as well as they actively participated in discussions and fulfiled exercises related to the presented topics.

The training was conducted by International Experts on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, particularly by the Head of the Quality Assurance Center, PhD holder in Technique, Associate Professor Mr. V. Hovhannisyan, Senior Specialist of the Quality Assurance Center, PhD holder in Economics, Associate Professor Ms. I.Vanyan and National Expert of Higher Education Quality Assurance, Head of Educational Programs and Methodological Department, Ph.D. holder in Technique, Associate Professor Ms. A. Martirosyan.

At the end of the course the participants assessed the quality of the course by using of the pre-elaborated questionnaire. The results of this evaluation will be used for further improvement of the course and increasing its quality.


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