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Labor Day at the NUACA, within the framework of the ERASMUS + HERITAGE project

Since 2016, the HERITAG program is being implemented at the NUACA which aims to promote the reform of the higher education interdisciplinary field and develop master and continuing education programs, particularly through the application of GIS to develop the documenting of cultural heritage, tourism management and entrepreneurship.

On March 12, 2019, the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction hosted Professor María José VIÑALS, a professor at the Valencia Polytechnic University, who delivered a lecture on “Issues of Sustainable Tourism”. Over 40 students and lecturers from NUACA participated in the lecture. Participants received comprehensive answers to their numerous questions.

The lecture was accompanied by a Labor Day, in framework of which entrepreneurs  were invited to attend. They presented the fields of tourism and geomatics as well as the opportunities for effective cooperation in these areas.

In particular, about the opportunities to succeed in their fields talked: Mr. Anushavan Simonyan, Director of “GF Monitoring” company that is operating in the field of navigation systems; Mr. Ashot Nazaryan, co-founder of on-line system of “armhotels.com” hotels; Mr. Aram Stepanyan, Director of Non-commercial State Organization of Geodesy and Mapping.

The main message of the speakers to students was that the students should have a flexible mind and broad mindset so in this rapidly changing world it is necessary to constantly think about self-education. In addition, it is important for students to take interdisciplinary approaches in their future activities, and perhaps think about the possibilities of applying their professional skills in different areas.

The event was held in an effective working atmosphere. By the end the speakers answered numerous questions of the students.

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