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University with a 100-Year History

Joint days with the french national engineering school of saint-etienne were summed up with certificates

Today the visit of the French National Engineering School Delegation of Saint-Étienne was summed up at NUACA. The aim of the traditional visit led by the lecturers Raffi Bedrosyan, Andre Solne and 19 multinational students is always the same-joint working days spent with the Armenian students studying the examples of the Armenian Architecture. This time the objects of studies for young specialists from 8 countries of the world were the David from Sasun Square, the reconstruction of the railway station area and the idea of giving a new breath and handwriting to one of the jewels of Yerevan. The students were divided into different teams and presented their projects and ideas about the Sasuntsi David Square modernization to the NUACA Rector Gagik Galstyan, professors, students and the project co-ordinator Zara Mamyan. Rector Galstyan mentioned that the projects were impressive and interesting, and every project, being the brainchild of different nationalities, has succeeded to stay faithful to the Armenian style. Top of Form The participants of the projects were granted with the certificates and the guests departed with the commitment of coming back again.