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Chair of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation hosted the scientific-technical seminar on “Introduction to Refrigeration and Associated Job Opportunities” in National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The seminar was conducted by Zareh Andjergholi, co-owner and director of “Tabadol-Kar” company in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as developer of academic programmes for engineers. Among the participants were not only professionals of the field, but also NUACA students, people in the early stages of specialization.

The seminar commenced with the welcome speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Urban Economy and Ecology Valerik Harutyunyan, who attaching importance to the report topic for the field specialists, extended his gratitude to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for implementing such scientific and educational programs within the framework of cooperation with NUACA.

During the seminar, the speaker Zareh Andjergholi presented the history of the creation of refrigeration systems, the experience of international and Armenian companies in the given field, as well as the job opportunities and the demand for specialists.  

Mr. Zareh Andjergholi was asked questions by Artashes Petrosyan, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Anna Karamyan, Head of the Chair of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, and Suren Karapetyan, Founder, Director of “Venge” LLC. In their speeches, the latter referred to the existence of refrigeration systems in the Armenian market and the role of the University in educating qualified specialists. Responding to the attendees, the speaker emphasized the importance of the university-student-employer cooperation, being convinced that only through cooperation is it possible to provide the field with specialists having the required knowledge and skills.

Architect Armen Minassian put forward the need to create a network of specialists, considering the University the cell of that network.

In conclusion, the speaker Zareh Andjergholi urged interested people to read more and continually study the market and, most importantly, to love what they do.

“Only in this case we will  be able to achieve significant success,” noted Mr. Andjergholi.

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