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University with a 100-Year History


“It is true that the enemy is the same, but wars are different. Now it is an intellectual and improvisational war…” The Head of the Chair of Geoecology and Biosafety of NUACA, Chairman of the Armenian Speleological Center, Samvel Shahinyan is one of the volunteers from our University who left for the war.

“My age does not matter, who needs a life without freedom and without independence?” With this conviction, Mr. Shahinyan is once again fighting for his Homeland on the battlefield. Talking to us about our victory, no matter how tired, but with a fighting spirit and enthusiasm, he noted that the war of our days is significantly different from the 88’s movement in terms of innovative military equipment and opportunities, but the same in terms of the determination to win and the incredible great sense of the will of our youth. “Our young people are working wonders today. “They are more receptive, they master the latest technology more easily, which is one of the key components of this war,” mentions volunteer Shahinyan, adding that the other important condition for winning is to survive, which is only possible as a result of quick self-organization, orientation, proper organization of personal defense, awareness of tools and location. “A soldier should use a moderate amount of weapons, but with maximum vulnerability, he should put aside all emotions: be it love, fear, horror, panic and be guided only by the instinct of survival. Only then it is possible to win. ”

“There is also one more circumstance which helps to win: women enlisted in the army, ” says Mr. Shahinyan honestly. According to him in the presence of women, soldiers are more alert and responsible, they even watch their language, which also has a significantly positive effect on the quality of the fight. Should this be our last fight? Definitely, my interlocutor is sure. The enemy must finally understand that the existence of Armenians, their culture and the language that has survived for 7200 years cannot be defeated. “We have to win, or rather, we have already won,” says Shahinyan, remembering Martiros Saryan’s words. When Saryan was asked if Armenians are a special, divine people, he replied negatively. And what will change in the life of other nations if there are no Armenians? Saryan answers, “Nothing will change, but who needs a life without Armenians?” Samvel Shahinyan knows that Armenians do not need a life without a free, independent and powerful Homeland. So, both yesterday and today we have won and we are winning.

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