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The first year students of the Faculty of Architecture were solemnly handed over their academic record books and student IDs at National Museum-Institute of Architecture after Alexander Tamanyan. 

Mark Grigoryan, Director of the Museum came up with an opening speech at the event, congratulating the students: “Even a millimeter matters in architecture, be faithful to your profession, do not forget the Museum, visit us at every given opportunity, we have a lot to tell you.”

Garnik Stepanyan, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs also extended his congratulations to the students: “Dear students, I wish you the best of luck and I want your academic record books to be filled with the highest scores on time. At the same time, I don’t want you to cling to the notion of scores, but to the notion of knowledge. The most important thing is to acquire knowledge, be demanding in terms of knowledge and the scores will not make you wait and will never disappoint you.”

The event was also attended by David Grigoryan, Deputy Chairman of Urban Development Committee of the Republic of Armenia. “I am thrilled that this beautiful event is held in a symbolic place for you, the pictures of architects and constructors, as well as their works, are exhibited near you. I hope that only high scores will be registered in your academic record books,” said D. Grigoryan.

Armen Shatvoryan, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture congratulated the students and said: “Education is the only asset that will accompany you throughout your whole life. I wish you good luck and a successful examination period.” The Dean extended his gratitude to the management of the National Museum-Institute of Architecture after Alexander Tamanyan for their support in organizing the event.

Afterwards, Deputy Deans Anna Aroyan and Madlena Igitkhanyan, together with the Dean, handed over the academic record books and student IDs.

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