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Artashes Melikyan, Dean of the Faculty of Design of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and David Arsenyan, Founder of “QaylTech” LLC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in industrial design, scientific research and other areas of mutual interest.

As Dean A. Melikyan mentioned, one project has already been implemented in cooperation with “QaylTech” company. “Our team of specialists has proposed a design solution for an equipment, designed by the Company, developed for people with disabilities, with the engagement of students, and in the future there are great expectations that the Faculty will greatly support you in achieving your goals and will become a participant in your patriotic cause.”

“Our goal is to make the lives of the disabled soldiers better. We have produced more than 10 highly useful equipment in terms of functionality, and we have always been looking for a designer who would give the final look to the equipment. Thank you for finding a solution to the problem. Thanks to you, we will be able to sell our products in foreign markets, contributing to the development of our country,” emphasized D. Arsenyan.

Within the scope of the Memorandum, the parties join their efforts in creating opportunities for young professionals to strengthen and deepen practical knowledge, conducting practice and pre-diploma internships, and gaining experience in new technologies used in education and science, as well as through joint exchange of scientific and technical information, documents and literature, implementation of master classes, seminars, trainings, and commercial events.

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