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The best way to encourage students to praise their works is not to give a high grade but to exhibiting and publicizing their works.

Creation in a healthy, friendly and welcoming atmosphere encourages the young artist to reveal their inner potential and promotes freedom of imagination. With this conviction, in these days, the students of the Fine Arts Faculty of the RA State Academy of Fine Arts named after Eduard Isabekyan, present an exhibition on the “Architecture and Construction” in the “Albert and Tove Boyajin” Gallery.

This is the second time that the exhibition has been realized with the initiative, support and direct participation of the NUACA Rector Gagik Galstyan. The previous one, entitled “Transport and Trade” has a catalog edition. The organizers are convinced that this one, with the support of Gagik Galstyan, will also have a printed ratification.

One of the students participating in the exhibition was impressed and inspired, especially by the choice of topic, as it allowed them to reflect the daily activities such as construction and enduring values as architecture. Another feature of the exhibition was the presentation of the creativity of masters. The presence of the works of the rector Aram Isabekyan and the senior lecturer Arthur Hovhannisyan of the RA State Academy of Fine Arts is very important and interesting for students, since it allows emphasizing the artistic thinking of generations, the similarities and differences of expressions.

Greeting the participants of the exhibition, Rector Gagik Galstyan compared the regularly opening exhibitions at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and considered possible the idea of Rector Aram Isabekyan to have a joint exhibition.

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