University with a 100-Year History

A workshop where one can not resist to creativity

To become a good professional from a student lectures alone are not enough, especially when it comes to creative students. This is a golden rule at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, as a result, there are numerous laboratories and workshops increasingly, creative working environment where each student feels comfortable.

Recently, among the events dedicated to the 95th anniversary of our University equipped laboratories and workshops with exclusive best conditions were opened.

Among them is particularly eye-catching with its architectural design and unsurpassed in its kind in the Design Studio of Architecture which according to the head of Design Department Karen Rashidyants is definitely the best in the world.

“Studio promotes even indifferent towards studies students to rush getting here in the morning” said K. Rashidyants, adding that the result of that creative and welcoming environment is the brainchild of the Chair lecturers Liana Aghajanyan, Avetis Khachatryan, Katrin Khanoyan’s vivid imagination and ideas.

The workshop is made for the graduation works. Plenty of time to contemplate, necessary facilities and conditions for creativity and design -this is the chief precondition of becoming a different high quality and unique specialist.

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