University with a 100-Year History


The dream of graduates at the Faculty of Architecture was fulfilled today: the renowned architects of Armenia called them colleagues.

34 Master’s degree students (15 of them with honors), 132 Bachelor’s degrees (20 of them with honors) from the Faculty of Architecture of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, including 30 foreign graduates from Syria, Russia, Islamic Republic of Iran, India, Ukraine and Georgia were awarded diplomas at the Armenian  Union of Architects.

The rector of NUACA Gagik Galstyan heartily congratulated the graduates, their parents, the university professors, on the occasion of a significant day and noted that architecture and urban development are an art with friendship. And as in any case, to get results, you have to work and improve during your entire life. The Rector urged the graduates to remember that each project should be done with love because it is for the society, for us. At the end of his speech Gagik Galstyan wished the graduates happiness and new achievements.

Rector of the University Gagik Galstyan, President of Armenian Union of Architects  Mkrtich Minasyan, Vice-Rector on International Relations Vardges Edoyan, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Sargis Tovmasyan, Chairman of the architectural design and design of architectural environment Karen Rashidyants, Head of the theory of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical-architectural heritage, fine arts and history department Emma Harutyunyan and Head of urban planning department Zara Mamyan were present at the ceremony. Each of them congratulated the graduates in their speeches, urged them not to forget the university, and always keep in touch. Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Sargis Tovmasyan reminded the graduates that the architecture is a divine profession and the chairman of the architectural design and design of architectural environment Karen Rashidyants noticed that to be happy, a person needs three things: be engaged in a favorite work, to have a loved family and a good friends, that was he wished to the graduates.

The graduation ceremony was a great enthusiasm for former students and after the ceremony they did not leave the union for a long time.

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