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We will also celebrate Italian Design Days at our University

At the end of March, the Italian design days are celebrated. We are also not indifferent to the important event of a country with a huge cultural heritage. To make these days remarkable also at our university, today we hosted Italian Ambassador Vincenzo del Monaco to Armenia.

The Ambassador was visiting our University for the first time. He was impressed and thankful for the entertainment, the surrounding beauty, and for the brandy of an immortal taste.

Presenting events related to Italian Design Days, the Ambassador noted that it is planned to hold cultural days both in Armenia and in Tbilisi from March 20-23. During these days, Italian architects will come to our university to present their projects titled “Smart City” and will speak about contemporary Italian architecture and design. The issue of holding master classes with our students was also discussed, as the ambassador answered, ”maybe why not”.

At the end of the meeting, while holding a telephone conversation with his Georgian counterpart, Ambassador Monaco informed that, in all probability, Italian design days will be held at our University on March 22.

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