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On September 17-24, 2022, an international exhibition of graduation works in the fields of Architecture and Design – a review-contest, organized by Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, was held in the City of Kazan, Russian Federation. 58 architectural universities participated in the event, five out of which were from the CIS countries. 699 works were submitted to the international review-contest, 201 out of which were design projects, the others were architectural graduation works. About 35 percent of the works were submitted by graduate students and the rest were submitted by undergraduate students.

NUACA Faculty of Architecture submitted 9 works from the undergraduate studies, 4 works from the graduate studies. The Faculty of Design presented 5 works from the undergraduate studies and 2 works from the graduate studies.

The Chairman of NUACA Board of Trustees Armen Ghularyan, Rector Yeghiazar Vardanyan, Vice-Rectors, Deans, representatives of the academic staff and students  participated in the diploma awarding ceremony. Rector of the University Yeghiazar Vardanyan delivered a welcome speech: “Honourable Mr. Ghularyan, dear colleagues, dear lecturers, students and graduates, I welcome you all. As we all know, our University has participated in this important international contest for years, but this year we have unprecedented results: all the works submitted by the Faculty of Architecture took the first place, 3 works from the Faculty of Design also took the first place, while 2 took the second place. And today it is my greatest pleasure to talk about it, to present the results, for which I congratulate all of us, especially our graduates, supervisors, academic staff, Heads of the Chairs and Deans, because this result is achieved through numerous years of work. I congratulate you once again, dear graduates, and I can call you colleagues now. You give a reason to both your parents and the University to be proud of you.”

The Chairman of the Urban Development Committee and the Chairman of NUACA Board of Trustees Armen Ghularyan also delivered a welcome speech; “Esteemed Rector, dear lecturers, dear students, graduates, academic staff, I am extremely proud and happy to participate in today’s beautiful event. Congratulations to all of us, especially to our students. What is important here is the participation, which has been highly appreciated and is very honourable. I also congratulate you on behalf of the Urban Development Committee, wishing you success in your work. I want you to use your skills for the development of cities, settlements, and the country’s economy. I wish you all success.”

At the end of the event, around 15 supervisor-lecturers of students participating in the international competition were awarded with certificates of appreciation from the Chairman of the Urban Development Committee.

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