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Visits aimed at professional guidance of high school students have been restarted

The choice of the profession for the fresh graduates is the most difficult and the most responsible issue, meanwhile a healthy but not compelling consultation given to them is the responsibility of well-established senior friends.

With this responsibility NUACA Admissions Department, the Career Center and the Student Council traditionally continue their visits to the high schools and vocational education colleges of Yerevan aimed at consultations for professional orientation of junior students. The visits have been started since December 16. NUACA delegates were hosted in numerous high schools and introduced the junior students with the specialties taught at our University, examination procedures, scholarships and discount system of NUACA and with all the advantages which make NUACA a unique, attractive and future-oriented educational cradle.

The working year is launched together with the continuous study-visits which include our University administrative personnel members, lecturers and students. These visits are not only for our capital city but are planned also to the regional high schools and vocational education colleges of our Republic.

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