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International Students’ Day was particularly important for the second-year graduate student at the Faculty of Architecture of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. Astghik Ghazaryan’s “Conceptual Design of the Reorganization of the Area Adjacent to Vardanants, Shahinyan and Charents Streets” was recognized as the winner in the “Modernization of Historical-Architectural Environment” category of the annual Jurgis Baltrušaitis award ceremony, receiving a scholarship established by the “PETROS ALOYAN” Foundation (with an award in the amount of 1500 euros).

            The annual award ceremony, jointly organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Armenia, “PETROS ALOYAN” Foundation, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and the “Mediamax” news agency, named after the Lithuanian historian, art critic and founder of comparative research Jurgis Baltrušaitis, was held on November 17, 2022, in the auditorium named after J. Baltrušaitis. The final stage of the competition was attended by the Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Armenia Evaldas Galvanauskas, Head of “Petros Aloyan” Foundation Hayk Aloyan, Rector of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia Yeghiazar Vardanyan, President of the Chamber of Architects of Armenia Mkrtich Minasyan, Director of the “Mediamax” news agency Ara Tadevosyan, as well as Heads of the Chairs of NUACA Faculty of Architecture and students. The attendees highly appreciated this trilateral cooperation, happily emphasizing that it has become traditional.

            In the preliminary stage of the competition, 17 projects were presented to the  committee. 5 students’ works were selected for the final stage. At the final stage, after presenting the works, the committee discussed the projects, and the priority was given to the project, which was up-to-date in terms of implementation and reconstruction. Having studied the presented projects, Hayk Aloyan, Head of “Petros Aloyan” Foundation, attached importance to this event, noting: “The number of participating students is increasing year by year. I hope we are going to see better works more and more.”

The “Jurgis Baltrušaitis” Annual Award was established in 2017. NUACA Rector Yeghiazar Vardanyan extended his gratitude to all the participants for their cooperation and emphasized the important role of the award ceremony, noting that it greatly contributes to Armenian-Lithuanian friendship.

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