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Graduates of SVEI (secondary vocational education institution) can submit their application forms for admission to NUACA for the 2021-2022 academic year until August 30 inclusive.

According to the RA Government Decision N856-N of May 27, 2020, the application can be filled in only by the graduates with “excellent” and / or “good” grades. The following documents should be attached to the application:

1) Application addressed to the Rector,

2) A copy of the graduation certificate-diploma and its supplement,

3) A copy of the record sheet,

4) Four photos (3×4 size),

5) A copy of identity document (passport or identity card or birth certificate in case of a candidate under the age of 16, or military ID, or temporary identification document issued by a police department of the Republic of Armenia under the Government of the Republic of Armenia, residence certificate, refugee certificate), 6) A military ID or a military service registration certificate copy (the document will be accepted from the candidate of draft age if there is a relevant note on the right of deferral or confirming the reason for non-draft, and from those who were previously deferred for health reasons, a note of the Republican conscription commission),

7) Relevant documents on the right to admission on a privileged basis defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia (if any).

Note that the candidate is not allowed to submit more than one application.

The candidate submits the application for transfer to the university to the head of the SVEI at least 10 days prior the state final examination period, indicating the preferred university and up to 2 preferred specializations according to the principle of priority of the first application. Based on the applications of the candidates, the SVEI invites a representative from the relevant university to involve him/her in the state qualification commission formed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia order N 638-N of July 21, 2006. The candidate or the SVEI submits the documents to the relevant university by August 30 of the given year. An admissions committee is set up by the rector’s order. The competition is held until September 15 of the given year. Based on the results of the competition of the committee, the rector of the university gives an order of admission of the student who passed the competition by September 20 of the given year, to which is attached the list of missing credits and the individual schedule of taking them. The maximum period for taking the missing credits is three months. The students who passed the competition submit the original of their graduation certificate – the diploma and its supplement.

The documents should be submitted to NUACA, room 2129. In case of questions, you can call at tel.: 010 58 01 56.

NUACA wishes good luck to all applicants!

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