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University with a 100-Year History


The scientific conference entitled “Armenian Architectural Heritage: Tradition and Modernity” was held. The student scientific conference was dedicated to the International Day for Monuments, which was organized by NUACA Chair of Theory, History and Heritage of Architecture in cooperation with “ICOMOS/Armenia” NGO. The scientific conference was attended by students of different faculties and years, who presented reports on various topics dedicated to the Armenian cultural heritage.

Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs Manuk Barseghyan made an opening speech, noting that there was a tradition to hold such events at the University, but it was not of a regular nature. Due to joint work, we will reach the point that such events will be numerous and regular. “The University has many incentives for scientific articles, it also pays close attention to the involvement of students,” said Mr. Barseghyan.

Head of the Science Department Sargis Tovmasyan also made a speech during the scientific conference. “Continuing Mr. Barseghyan’s words, I also wish such conferences to be continuous,” said Mr. Tovmasyan, adding, “After so many years break, it is difficult to organize an event with such content again, but due to the hard work of lecturers and other employees, the scientific conference was held.”

Head of NUACA Chair of Architecture Theory, History and Heritage of  Architecture Emma Harutyunyan also extended her gratitude to all the students and lecturers. “I have high hopes that our students will continue this field, because there are many gaps connected with research and development that need to be filled. The heritage spread all over the world is waiting for you and your studies,” said Mrs. Harutyunyan.


At the end of the scientific conference discussions took place, after which the students received professional albums from NUACA.

As a result of the discussions, it was decided to make such scientific conferences continuous and more comprehensive.

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