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University with a 100-Year History

The proud generation of the new Armenia bid farewell to school

Today, hundreds of 12th grade students bid farewell to their schools with mature thought and consciousness that the great life is ahead, with new interests, obstacles and responsibilities.

The last call was also a breakthrough at the Manuk Abeghyan Highschool of the National University of Architecture and Construction. The Rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction Gagik Galstyan, Chairman of the Students Council, Advisor to the Rector Hovsep Hoveyan, guests and parents came to congratulate the graduates and give them their best wishes.

Graduates’ emotions, enthusiasm and excitement were the same, they were proud of being graduates especially in their school, they were proud of beeing citizens of free and independent Armenia and were full of hope,that from now they, with their education and chosen profession, will have their investment to develop and strengnt their proud country.

Graduates of the high school after Manuk Abeghyan,as every event as the last Bell, did not overlook the Armenian soldiers who kept their frontiers and sacrificed their lives for the homeland. They remembered, bowed, pronounced words of gratitude and pride for them. Then, singing and dancing, theatrical presentation, memoirs of school days and thanks to teachers.

This was the graduation day, where every student’s face was seen by a proud citizen of New Armenia.

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