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The model of the “Armenian House” summed up in a catalogue

Today the presentation of the projects of the “Armenian House” Catalog was held in the National Architectural Museum-Institute of Alexander Tamanyan. The catalogue was published with the assistance of the “MonArkh”, company as well as with the direct participation and sponsorship of teachers and students of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The idea of ​​creating a unique “Armenian House” was born two years ago when the Russian citizen of the Armenian origin, the businessman and owner of the “MonArkh” company visited the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia with a special suggestion to create a model of the Armenian house in an Armenian village, which, with its architectural and construction design, way of daily life will tell the tourists about the culture and daily chores of the Armenians. The idea was approved unanimously, and architects, designers and builders of our University jointly involved in this activity. Getting acquainted with the places of residence of Armenia, based on the architectural and construction features of local residential buildings inherent in the area, preserving the ​​tradition and culture of the Armenian people they developed a new reconstruction project.

Already today the brainchild of specialist-lecturers and students was presented in the catalogue list. The NUACA Rector Gagik Galstyan, the dean of the Faculty of Architecture Sargis Tovmasyan, the head of the NUACA Urban Development Chair Zara Mamyan, students and guests attended the presentation. Attendees welcomed the project and many of them noted the importance of the contribution made to the project, especially from the younger generation, who approached the heritage of the Armenian architecture with special sincerity, offering new solutions, remaining faithful to the origins of established traditions.


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