University with a 100-Year History


Yuri Hayrapetyan from Stepanakert, was discharged from hospital a few days ago and was awarded the “Medal of Courage”. A fourth-year student of the Faculty of Construction of our University, Yuri, was injured in the arm and head. The war that broke out on September 27 was not the first one for him, he also took part in the four-day April war. Now, when everything seems to be in the past, he is thinking of getting married, but he is waiting for the real peace. He has not lost his faith, but he is disappointed with the fake news. “Standing in the position we were receiving news from the rear that they have learned from the internet as if the enemy had already taken that position,” says Yuri and confesses “I had a lot of time to think while I was in the hospital, I was more likely to die on the battlefield, death was constantly passing by me, but I did not think about it at that moment, because I was defending my home, but…” This “but” is the most painful part that our hero mentions. He tells and remembers Monte’s words that “the heroes should not only be remembered with toasts, we must act and continue the work of the previous ones.” He says that the country may not remember us in peacetime, however, it is the duty of all of us to take care of the country in time of war.

Being from Artsakh, he considers every corner of both Artsakh and Armenia his Homeland, and assures that many brave Armenian sons thought so while facing the enemy. “Many guys from Armenia fought with fearless and brave spirit, because they realized that Artsakh is a home to all of us.”

He finds no difference between the two wars he has been through, now only the volumes were high. He is sure that one day he will take up arms again and continue the unfinished work of our fathers and grandfathers…

“Yes, we lost the battle, but not the war,” a second-year student Sasun Mkrtchyan is sure about it. During the war, he was on the border with Nakhijevan, and had previously transported food and clothing to Artsakh with volunteer detachments. He says that only a crazy person cannot be afraid of war, of losing loved ones, but the fear of losing the Homeland, patriotism and fraternity are powerful and make us forget the other fears.

“When you overcome the fear, you think only about victory, and you see that victory in every episode, and then you regret that what is achieved at the cost of life belongs to the enemy now,” – these thoughts do not leave another hero of our University, a third-year student Vigen Zohrabyan. He says that there was not so much lack of manpower and military equipment, but lack of being organized. But Vigen is not one of those who become desperate.

“Will we ever be able to restore our Homeland one day? ” The boys have been thinking about this question for a long time… Yuri’s answer was eloquent and full of hope. “I hope so…one day, Nzhdeh or Hayk Nahapet will definitely be born again.”

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