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The first session of the Scientific Council of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia took place on January 11, 2022. After the approval of the 5 objectives of the session agenda, NUACA Rector Yeghiazar Vardanyan presented the 2021 Annual Report. Mr. Vardanyan stated that due to the effective collaboration with our academic staff, students and colleagues, we had achievements in almost all directions. This year we had a high level of engagement in science competitions and, owing to our scientists, we were recognized as winners in a number of principal categories. Since 2021, NUACA Bulletin has been published in English in electronic form named “Journal of Architectural and Engineering Research”. During the last year the attestation of scientific researchers was carried out in accordance with the current requirements. About 116 scientific researchers participated in the attestation. Rector Y. Vardanyan positively assessed the international cooperation, given the challenges and restrictions of the previous year. In 2021 we held two international conferences, participated in about ten important international scientific conferences, organized one summer school, with the participation of international experts from different countries.

The admission rates of 2021 were quite satisfactory, as we had a huge number of applicants joining the ranks of our students today. In 2021, we launched an important initiative for the transition to a cyclical form of education, as well as started and will carry on to reform and amend curricula and syllabi. Last year the Road Construction Testing Laboratory was added to our existing laboratories, which already provides services in the labor market. Concluding his speech, Mr. Y. Vardanyan stated that there is still a lot to do, but assured that if we carry on at this pace, we can attain higher achievements in 2022.

The next objectives of the agenda were the approval of the dissertation topics, the supervisors and the internal disciplinary rules of the University staff.

Levon Levonyan, the Secretary of the Scientific Council, presented the proposals for awarding the academic ranks of Professor and Associate Professor. A secret ballot was held. According to the results of the secret ballot, Artashes Melikyan, Dean of the Faculty of Design, PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor, was awarded the academic rank of Professor, Tigran Sosoyan, Lecturer at the Chair of Design and Irina Simonyan, Assistant at the Chair of Theory of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical-Architectural Heritage, Fine Arts and History were awarded the academic rank of Associate Professor.

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