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University with a 100-Year History


For the fourth year in a row, the “Excellence Award after Venera Margaryan” is handed over to the student with the highest grade point average in the geodesy subjects of NUACA Chair of Engineering Geodesy.

            Venera Margaryan was the Head of the Chair of Engineering Geodesy from 2012 to 2015, was an esteemed professor, and it is due to her dedicated work that the Chair produces such graduates who find their place in the labour market without any difficulty.

As in previous years, this year also the award ceremony took place at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. The event was attended by NUACA Chief of the Staff Hovsep Hoveyan, Advisor to Rector Suren Hovsepyan, Dean of the Faculty of Construction Aram Sahakyan, Coordinator of the Chair of Engineering Geodesy Samvel Kroyan, lecturers of the Chair and fellow students of the winning student.

At the beginning of the event, the Dean of the Faculty of Construction Aram Sahakyan announced the name of the student who won the scholarship award – Samvel Hovhannisyan, a 4th year student of the “Engineering Geodesy” specialty of the Faculty of Construction. Then he, together with Venera Margaryan’s sister Ruzanna Margaryan, handed over the award to the winning student.

            Mr. Sahakyan, welcoming the attendees, stated: “I am very glad that you are at the University. Last year, I attended the ceremony for the first time and I was very excited, because Mrs. Margaryan had a great professional journey, left a grand contribution to our University, our State, and today, even after her absence, everything goes on. Education cannot be provided only through the University. It starts with upbringing, then goes to school and university. Today we see that Mrs. Margaryan has done everything for the development of education.”

            The future geodesist Samvel Hovhannisyan, in his turn, extended his gratitude for the award, noting that he decided to transfer the monetary incentive to the “Soldier’s House” Charitable Foundation.

            NUACA Chief of the Staff Hovsep Hoveyan congratulated scholarship-winning student Samvel Hovhannisyan on behalf of the University Rector Yeghiazar Vardanyan and himself, and extended his gratitude to the members of Mrs. Margaryan’s family for continuing the idea of the “Excellence Award after Venera Margaryan”. “The University always supports and encourages its students for both their in-class and extracurricular achievements. I value it a lot, when our students are able to share their achievements. Last year the winning student shared his victory with his competing friends, this year our student decided to donate the money allocated to him to the “Soldier’s House”. This is the hope and faith, which do not allow us to break. We must be sure that the new generation will preserve the legacy left by the elders. Our students show that they are in touch with Mrs. Margaryan’s scientific achievements,” highlighted Mr. Hoveyan. 

Ruzanna Margaryan, congratulating the winning student on behalf of the family, extended her gratitude to the University for always keeping Mrs. Margaryan’s memory alive. “I am very happy to participate in this ceremony. I wish you to always uphold her honour, because she was proud of the academic staff, her friends and students. I wish students to always have solely green paths ahead of them and be able to get the kind of knowledge that will contribute to the development and prosperity of our Homeland”, concluded Mrs. Margaryan.