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The University Agency of Francophone Students in Central and Eastern Europe is organizing the 7th edition of the Regional Festival of Francophone Students, scheduled on 1- 5 July 2018 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Concept

The Festival aims to create a space for exchanges between young people from different countries in a friendly atmosphere using the French language as a means of communication. The program will include scientific and cultural activities (dance, photography, singing and painting/crafts workshops, cultural  evenings and competitions).


    participants shall be BA or MA students over 18.
    Volunteers or participants from the Armenian Universities.

Admissions Conditions for Participants 

    Have a competent level of French language both in writing and speaking.
    Be a registered  Bachelor or Master degree student in a member institution of the University Agency of Francophone Students (list of ECO members).
    To be over 18 years old as of July 1, 2018.

Call for applications for the PARTICIPANTS is open until 6 May 2018:

 To apply please cOmplete the online application form at and attach the following documents: A CV, certificate of registration at a member university, academic transcripts. 

Applicants can prioritize the workshops they want to participate in while submitting their applications online.

Call for applications for the VOLUNTEERS is open until 13 May 2018:

Please fill in the online form at and attach the following documents: a CV, certificate of registration at the member university.

N.B. The references/certificates from the universities must be in French or translated into French (no need for the notarized translation).

Selection of requests

The AUF Selection Committee will analyze all applications received and rank them according to the following criteria:

    the academic performance based on transcripts,
    participation in extracurricular activities.

Only a candidate per a member institution will be selected.

For more information please refer to the NUACA Center for Academic Achievements (room 2314).


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