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University with a 100-Year History


Around 212 rectors of world’s leading universities were in Bologna on June 24-27. All of them brought together the events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Bologna process.

The rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia Gagik Galstyan was also among the participants.

The start of the events was from the oldest Bologna University building, where all the rectors, with a special outfit, moved to the Royal Palace in the Central Square. 

Before the main event: in the morning, the rectors of Italian universities gathered at the Bologna University to sum up the work of the past year. It is noteworthy that the rector of our University Gagik Galstyan was also invited to the “closed” meeting of the Italian rectors. Here, Rector Galstyan had a meeting with the Rector of the Bologna University Francesco Umbertin and Vice-rector Enrico Sangiorgi discussing the possibilities of future cooperation between the two universities. The restricted-attendance meetings of the rectors was promising for our University, Milan Polytechnic University and   La Sapienza University of Rome. With the rectors of these universities, G. Galstyan discussed the possibility of signing cooperation agreements between the Faculties of Design and Architecture on student and lecturers exchange programs. 

In the second half of the day, the event started with the opening speech of the rector of Bologna University Francesco Umbertin. The Director of the UNESCO General Education Department Stefania Gianni, the President of the European University Association Michael Murphy, the President of the European Students’ Union Adam Gajek and others also made speeches. And the closing ceremony was entrusted to the special guest – Minister of Education, Universities and Research Marco Bussetti.

The speeches addressed at the conference were primarily aimed at the rise of the European academic high education system, academic and other related values in emerging societies, raising the role of higher education for sustainable development and the design of student centered ecosystems.

The following days were full of cognitive tours and meetings. Rector G. Galstyan, accompanied by professor of Bologna University Mariangela Vandini and Armenian lecturer, Professor Anna Shirinyan visited the Department of Cultural Heritage at Ravenna. He also got acquainted with the work style of the 3D Laboratory and Monument Research Laboratory.

The next stop was the town of Cesena, where the Faculty of Architecture at Bologna University is located. After getting acquainted with building conditions, educational programs and laboratories, the Rector G. Galstyan met with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty Federico Fallavolita. Among the topics discussed were issues related to the establishment of a cultural heritage center in the near future.

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