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The “Re-School-Yerevan” international programme has been launched at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

At the end of the one-year additional education with this joint international programme, the participants will be awarded with the “MA in Sphere of Heritage” qualification.

NUACA Vice-Rector for International Relations Vardges Yedoyan delivered an opening speech. Welcoming everyone, Mr. Yedoyan conveyed Rector Y. Vardanyan’s speech: “Our University has long-standing international cooperation with universities and organizations of different countries; cooperation with French higher schools is particularly effective. Due to the cooperation, the academic programmes of our University have been adjusted to European standards. Since 1994, the state diploma of the architect of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia has been officially equivalent to the French one. Preserving the rich historical and cultural heritage is extremely topical for all of us. The involvement of leading specialists from different countries and the combination of their experience are the best guarantee of training high-quality staff, and the implementation of the programme is also valued in this regard.”

In her speech, the Head of the Programme N. Tyutcheva mentioned that the programme provides an opportunity to acquire systematic training in the field of conservation and revalorization of historical and cultural heritage for those aspiring to leadership positions, as well.

The programme was developed jointly with the French School of Cultural Heritage Conservation (“Ecole de Chaillot”), and National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. Among the lecturers are leading specialists in the field of heritage conservation, historical environment and urban planning from Russia, Armenia, and France. The programme will be implemented in three languages: Armenian, Russian, and French. The student can choose the following modules: Theoretical Basis for the Conservation of Heritage Sites, Settlement Genetics, Methods of Conservation and Strengthening of Structures, RE-technologies, Management of Immovable Monuments and Historical Sites.

The partners of the programme are the Embassies of the Republic of France in the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, the “Re-School” center for scientific research in the field of conservation of architectural and cultural heritage, and the French higher school of restoration architects “Ecole de Chaillot”.

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