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University with a 100-Year History

Patron of love by the eyes of students

“The power of love is indefeatable”. Under this creed an exhibition dedicated to love patron Saint Sargis was opened at NUACA. Today was one of the happiest days for the students when they could deliver their ideas and imagination to people.

For the second year  our creative students presented their works of paintings, sculpture and applied arts thanks to the joint efforts of our University, Student Council and the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese.

The opening ceremony was attended by NUACA Rector Gagik Galstyan, Fr. Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan, priest Yesayi Artenyan,  the chief architect of Yerevan Tigran Barseghyan, Student Council President Hovsep Hoveyan, lecturers and students.

Welcoming the guests and congratulating on the day of love, rector Gagik Galstyan highlighted the importance of continousness and traditionality of the exhibition which is another opportunity of self-expression and love reflection.

The competition involved the works of 20 students in which love towards everyone and everything was flowing. Blessing the students Fr. Archbishop Navasard Kchoyan urged students to pray always for not losing their hope, faith and love. “The youth is our driving force, energy, creativity, so to reach our goals we need for their spiritual support. St. Sargis is the vivid character who always stands by the side of young people and lovers. These images ennoble our souls as they express great love for God, mother, woman and nature”.

All students participating in the competition were awarded by the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese appreciation certificates and 4 students, for university activities and proactive involvement received gifts from NUACA rector. The Student Council president Hovsep Hoveyan thanked all the supporters of the competition and congratulated the students on the Love Day.

On February 7, the day of Shrovetide, those works will be presented for sale in the Liberty Square and some days later the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese will award  the winners in the St. Sarqis Church.

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