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Our student awarded by the Embassy of UAE to RA

NUACA has once again succeeded in an international platform. This time, senior of the Faculty of Management and Technology (Informatics / Computer Science), Satenik Matevosyan continued acting respectfully.  Embassy of the UAE to Armenia awarded 14 best students of Armenian higher education institutions within the framework of the event dedicated to the UAE National Day and Satenik was amongst the best students. The Embassy provided with the opportunity to visit UAE to the above-mentioned students. Within the framework of the program, they visited Masdar City, where they studied Masdar Research Centre, had a city tour, got acquainted with the latest innovative solutions: self-driving car, wind tower, solar-powered buildings, etc. Further, there was a visit organized for the students to the most splendid mosque of the world, Sheikh Zayed Mosque as well as Khalifa University, where they studied Aviation Research Innovations, Innovative ICT Centers of healthcare sector of UAE. At the end of the visit, there was a meeting held with the RA Ambassador to UAE, Mher Mkrtumyan. 

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