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Our Incontestable Triple Holidays

Probably May 9 is an ordinary day in all other the world, meanwhile it is a special day in Armenia as a triple-holiday.  The Armenian people join and celebrate the glorious victory in our heroic battles for Artsakh.

However,  the expectations  and the feelings are different this year. The pain and the severe losses in recent four-day April war as well as the heroism of Armenian martyrs’, belief and hope of the Armenian stress the ideology of May 9 and strengthen the victory and freedom gained at the cost of shed blood.

The hero soldiers became heroes for these virtues – only Armenians should live on the Armenian lands. Today, more than ever before, May triple holidays are entitled to be holidays. 1992 May 9’s Artsakh is unfaltering, 1945 May 9’s Armenian marshals and admirals are eternal, 1918 May 28’s Armenian statehood baptized in heroic battles is inviolable.

Congratulations on your holiday, my holiday, our holiday!  Congratulations, dear hero!

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