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This summer Yerevan’s mood is French. Our capital city hosts the 7th festival of Francophone students. This year the festival will take place in Yerevan, from 1 to 5 July under the slogan of ”Together in Diversity” aimed at promoting multilingualism and the dissemination of the French language in the context of multilingualism.

In 2012, since the moment of its establishment until now, more than 400 students from more than 20 countries and Francophone University member institutions have this unique open platform for international dialogue. It turns into a unique youth festival of creativity and solidarity each year. It is also a unique opportunity to expand academic or other partnerships, as every time the festival is organized by the partners representing various social, economic and political spheres.

This year French as the common communication language will unite 53 French-speaking students from 17 countries including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Croatia, Armenia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Georgia and the Ukraine.  The Armenian volunteer students will accompany the guests everywhere.

The festival will start on July 2 at Yerevan State University. There will be master classes, songs and dances, painting and photography contests, as well as a competition known as the “Questions to Francophones”.

During the solemn closing ceremony of the festival, which will be held at Yerevan Puppet Theater on July 5 at 7pm, will be organized a gala-concert, and the participants will have a chance to present the results of their works to the jury members and spectators. The best works will be awarded.

It is worth to remind that the seventh festival of the Francophone students is organized by the Francophone University Agency’s Central and Eastern Europe/Central Asia Regional Center jointly with the Armenian higher education institutions and the French-speaking embassies in Armenia.

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