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University with a 100-Year History


Dear University staff and students,

I warmly congratulate you on September 1, the Day of Knowledge and Schooling and the beginning of the new academic year.

Dear freshmen, studying at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia is not only an honour, but also a serious commitment, which I am sure you will undertake with the greatest responsibility and honour. Under the arches of our University, the collective mind of the Armenian architect-builder is summarized, which finds embodiment with new breath and forms with each generation. In this difficult situation of geopolitical developments, we attach importance to having patriotic, educated, broad-minded and knowledgeable specialists with a national value system, who will have compassion for the Homeland. Along with being armed with professional knowledge, the next generation of builders and constructors of the Homeland is being formed at the University, which is the faithful bearer of the historical-architectural heritage of the Armenian people and the continuation of the work of the talented ancestors. We are sure that you will also take that journey with honour. The management, academic staff, and all departments of the University are ready to provide you with quality education with their hard and dedicated work, arming you with competitive knowledge and skills in accordance with modern requirements.

This day, marking the entry into the world of knowledge, is special for all of us. Education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge. It is the basis and path of new achievements. Preserving the symbolic meaning of the day, I also extend my congratulations to all the devotees of education and science, in particular to the entire academic staff of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, wishing them a successful and fruitful academic year, as well as productive scientific-research activities.

Good luck and welcome to National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, dear freshmen! I wish all our students fruitful studies and numerous achievements.

Knowledge is power, and the pursuit of knowledge is the highest value. Let us be a part of that great value, developing and making our Homeland prosperous.

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