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Your fight becomes more heroic and purposeful when you fight for your native village, your birthplace. A third-year NUACA student of the Faculty of Management and Technology, Karen Torosyan, is one of the dozens of students who went to the front without even hesitating. And why should he hesitate? He was going to defend his birthplace from the enemy, the village of Maghavuz in the Martakert region. Artillery scout Karen left for Artsakh with his groupmate Erik Gevorgyan. He tells, “I grew up with stories about war, victories and patriotism. My father and uncle fought during both the 1988 Movement and the April War.”And in this war it was his turn to protect the borders, he went with confidence and with an insatiable desire to win.

“There is no time to think about fears.” As 4th year student Samvel Tashchyan says, first you must kill your fear, then your enemy. According to him, everyone who leaves for war should realize that war is also a battle of life and death, and only patriotism can help him overcome the fear of death and push him to the frontline.

There is no doubt that war is a horrible and hellish phenomenon, but there is also no doubt that all the good and bad sides of people are revealed on the battlefield. “We have very strong and powerful compatriots,” says Samvel and adds that, unfortunately, there are also”their opponents”.

No fear, strong will, patriotism, being well-organized and able to master the weapon properly-according to 3rd year student Suren Mkrtchyan, this is the formula for winning.

The outcome of the war was alien to everyone. The generation of independence, that has tasted victory, believes that everything is still ahead …

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