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University with a 100-Year History


National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia hosted Helena Khambalayan, member of the Board of “Jerair Nishanian” Foundation. She had a tour around the University, and then had a meeting with students.

The meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector V. Yedoyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Design A. Melikyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Construction A. Sahakyan, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Architecture A. Aroyan, as well as the President of the Student Council S. Hakobyan.

Vice-Rector V. Yedoyan, delivering the opening speech, greeted everyone, noting: “Today is a crucial and significant day for National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. We have hosted the Board member of “Jerair Nishanian” Foundation Helena Khambalayan. For many years, “Jerair Nishanian” Charity Foundation has encouraged talented young people with social problems, reimbursed students’ tuition fees, and to this day this process continues due to the Nishanian family. The Deputy Director of the “Fund for Armenian Relief” and Educational Program Director E. Karapetyan also has his big contribution in all this. Our compatriots do charity for educational institutions of all marzes. On behalf of Rector Yeghiazar Vardanyan, I express my deepest gratitude to fondly-remembered Jerair Nishanian, as well as Mrs. Helena and her children, who continue to fulfill this honourable and patriotic mission.”

Afterwards, E. Karapetyan delivered a speech: “I want to give the students the latest publication and autobiography of Jerair Nishanian, and then briefly talk about Mr. Nishanian’s activities. I would like to welcome Mrs. Helena. We are indebted to Mr. Nishanian for his utter dedication. Jerair Nishanian made large-scale donations both in America and in the Diaspora, as well as made contributions to the construction and renovation of Armenian churches. He received awards for his patriotic activities on the state level, as well as was awarded with the title “Honorary Citizen of Gavar”. Nishanian is one of the few people who was awarded with the “Ellis Island” Medal of Honor in America. And I can only say, studying at National University of Architecture and Construction Armenia, you should be proud to receive a “Nishanian” scholarship, because to receive a scholarship named after such an outstanding person is something to be proud of. You get a scholarship based on your work and your academic performance. I would very much like charity to be instilled in each of you. Mr. Nishanian also has architectural and construction companies in Washington, which are managed by his children, and it is due to them that the charity continues.”

The meeting was concluded with the final speech of Mrs. Helena Khambalayan: “Our entire goal is that Armenia has knowledgeable specialists who can be useful to and worthy of our country.”