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Heritag erasmus+ project: audit meeting at the nuaca held on february 28th, 2016

Since January 2016 the National University of Architecture and Construction (NUACA) together with other partner universities/institutions carries out the HERITAG Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission. The project aims to develop an interdisciplinary reform in higher education programmes at master level and continuing education integrating Geo-information Technologies (GIT) applied to cultural heritage documentation, tourism management and entrepreneurship. The project promotes the synergy of three main groups of stakeholders: Universities, industry and Administration. The curricular reform integrates the development of capacities in 3 main national and regional priorities in Georgia and Armenia: Geo-information technologies, cultural heritage preservation and documentation, and fostering tourism business and entrepreneurship.

The external audit of the HERITAG project progress has been conducted at the NUACA on February 28th 2017 by the representatives of the Erasmus+ office in Armenia, particularly by the chairwoman Lana Karlova and Ani Torosyan.  Up to 30 representatives of the partner universities/institutions participated in the audit meeting. Mr. V.Yedoyan, Vice Rector of International relationship affair of NUACA welcomed the participants of the meeting. Mr. Varazdat Hovhannisyan, who is Armenian coordinator of the project, presented the main achievements and progress of the project. The participants emphasized that the numerous trainings conducted during one year of the project benefited by them very much. Participants answered a numerous questions asked by Lana Karlova.

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