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Help and support for frontline soldiers

A few days ago the Student Council and the Career Center of NUACA returned from Artsakh. The students were in the Second Armenian Republic to provide their psychological, material and financial support to frontline soldiers. They donated medicine, food, clothing, household goods and basic necessities on behalf of the University faculty and students.

The President of the Student Council Hovsep Hoveyan told that they met with the representative of the operational headquarters formed by the NKR Government for handing the aid. Our university, as well as the Student Council was awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation by the Prime Minister of Artsakh.

Conveying Artsakh’s fighting mood Hoveyan noted that the high psychological preparedness of every citizen of Stepanakert was a demonstration against the war, a call for peace, and the alert to go to the battlefield. According to him all our students had expressed readiness to go to the frontline, even females had a desire to stay in Artsakh and be helpful in any household chores.

Hoveyan told that during the discussions with the NUACA rector Gagik Galstyan it was decided to form construction teams and provide assistance to the post-war settlements.

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