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University with a 100-Year History


It is the anniversary of Hrant Tadevosyan (Tatoss), People’s and Honorary Painter of the Republic of Armenia, Honorary Professor of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The talented and beloved artist celebrates his 84th anniversary.

Hrant Tadevosyan (Tatoss) was born on April 20, 1938 in Shirak Marz. He studied at the Faculty of Aesthetics of Armenian State Pedagogical Institute after Khachatur Abovyan. Since 2008 he has been teaching at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and is an Honorary Professor at the University. The Master has had solo exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Germany, Paris, Geneva, Los Angeles and other parts of the world. He was awarded with the titles of “Honorary Painter” and “People’s Painter” of the Republic of Armenia.  In 2021 RA People’s and Honorary Painter Hrant Tadevosyan became the “Face of the Country” in the Painter of the Year nomination. 

Hrant Tadevosyan is a master of colours, there are unique and interesting colour solutions in his paintings. Each of the paintings is like a colourful fairy tale. As the RA People’s Artist Sos Sargsyan once described, “Art is a fairy tale, if the tale is not interesting, I would not like to listen to its continuation. In this regard, Tatoss’ fairy tale is so interesting, beautiful, pure and kind that one wishes it to be endless.”

We extend our congratulations to Hrant Tadevosyan on his birthday wishing him good health, a long and fruitful creative life, endless energy to create the fairy-tale and colourful paintings, which are close to each and everyone’s heart and fill us with the warmest and most beautiful feelings. We also extend our gratitude to the Master for the solo exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, and, of course, for devoting his precious time to the students, contributing to their education and development of professional skills.

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