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University with a 100-Year History

Happy Birthday Armenian Army!

Dear university staff and soldiers for today and tomorrow, 

The day of January 28 is one of the essential pages of history written with pride and courage. Today is the 28th year of formation of invincible Armenian army. Being one of the ancient nations of the world, Armenian has always upheld military-patriotic spirit by disseminating the necessity of coping for the victory and establishing peace among generations. 

Born and shaped in battlefield, Armenian army became an assurance of peace for all Armenians, indisputable and unbreakable achievement for which maintenance and devotedly serve is a sacred duty for an Armenian. 

Those duty and mission are stamped on the mind of each student of our university, as well.  They are with army and soldiers with their encouragement and patriotic spirit during both combat situations and peaceful conditions. 

Congratulations to all of us for 28th birthday of our country’s pride Armenian army formation. Wishing all soldiers health, peaceful service, immense will and power for worthy and heroically defeating and counter blowing each undesirable and unavoidable blow.  Eternal glory to those heroes, who devotedly fought and exactly by their blood they could gain so much expected victory.

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 1,422 просмотров всего,  4 просмотров сегодня