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Further cooperation with almalaurea founded at bologna

NUACA implemented EU-funded “Hen-Gear” programme during 2013 and 2015 by which the AlmaLaurea interuniversity consortium introduced electronic information platform in Armenia. Its objectives were the higher education reforms and modernization of educational processes as well as the maintenance and support of graduates’ employability. Due to high efficiency and mutual evaluations of the project the idea to continue cooperation with AlmaLaurea was born.

Pursuing this goal, on 21-23 January 2016 NUACA rector Gagik Galstyan, head of NUACA Education Quality Assurance Center Varazdat Hovhannisyan, as well as rector of the Armenian State University of Economics, doctor of Economics, professor Koryun Atoyan were invited to Bologna for the study visit. In Italy, the delegation met with AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium and Bologna University’s administrative officers.

As the member of our delegation Varazdat Hovhannisyan conveyed from Bologna during the consortium meetings it was decided to deepen cooperation in the frames of the European Union’s “Erasmus Plus” program. During the meeting the parties agreed on two joint projects in 2016 aimed at enhancing the employability of university graduates and creating higher education network for human capital assessment as well as ensuring the continuity of Tempus programme.

One of the programs will have regional nature, taking into account the interest of Georgian and Moldovian universities while the  other will be national, based on the interest of the Armenian universities. The next direction in which the parties decided to cooperate was the EU-funded “Horizon 2020” project.

The Armenian delegation met with the Eastern neighborhood
responsible officials at the Bologna University. The discussions resulted in an agreement to collaborate within “Erasmus Plus” and “Horizon 2020” program for
students, lecturers and administrative staff exchange with the University of Bologna,
and an interuniversity consortium of European universities and Armenian universities to develop programs of mutual interest, issue double diploma and joint
research projects.

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